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Salamandra to be able to apply one or more XSL stylesheet on the Bean class, defined in Spring IOP Container.
The controller provide automatic marshalling of the Object in XML using an ad hoc Annotation, that specifies the type of binding engine and the XSL resource(s)on which the bean is dependent.

Salamandra has the XML configuration file, is usually named salamandra-web-config.xml, this file you allow the mapping the request page(s) with XSL file(s) and other configurations information.

Whatever XSL resources used, have access to these beans and all of their properties, using the customer namespace, rendering result in Asynchronous mode with Ajax technology or in Synchronous mode.

Salamandra is designed so that it can be integrated with the Struts o Spring Web

It is very simple to configure (only a few settings in the web.xml file and in the salamandra-web-config.xml). 

Currently it fully works under:

  • JDK 5.0 or later
  • Spring WEB 2.0 or later


  • Very simple to configure (only a few settings in web.xml and in salamandra-web-xml).



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Friday Jun 27th 2007

Project is now hosted on SourceForge.net

-- Luigi Scarpato

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SALAMANDRA is currently in alfa stage. There are many things in the todo list before it can be considered complete, and it needs intensive testing in order to consider it stable.  

If you have bugs, suggestions, patches, or just want to say ' hey! it works' feel free to send me a note or use the appropriate section at SourceForge project site.

-- Luigi Scarpato

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